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The chemist shop at Scarborough Beach Perth is conveniently:

Chrag Shah is an experienced, qualified pharmacist. He and his compassionate staff take time to explain how to take the medicine they sell in Perth Western Australia.  There is always a qualified pharmacist on duty to explain:

Scarborough has many visiting tourist from exotic, tropical places. American tourists in Perth might find this page by searching for "drug store perth"  If you need special medicine telephone the 7 Day Chemist at Scarborough Perth. If 7 Day Chemist does not have special medicine you've been prescribed by your doctor, the 7 Day Chemist can go online with a direct line to their account with pharmaceutical companies Australia wide to organise urgent delivered of medicine for patients in Perth Western Australia.

The 7 Day Chemist in Scarborough Perth Western Australia also:

If your regular chemist in Perth is closed telephone 7 Day Chemist in Perth's western suburbs.

For tourists to Scarborough Beach there is a good variety of sunburn protection cream and ointments for pain relief after you've been burnt.

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